Long Island yearbook picture, class 1986
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style=”text-align: center;”>Look, what I’ve found in the darkest corner of the internet ;)

‘The Lion King’ Story Continues in Disney Channel’s ‘The Lion Guard’
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Production is under way for the animated TV movie and series ‘The Lion Guard’, which follows Kion, the second-born cub of Simba and Nala from ‘The Lion King’.

Disney Television Animation has begun production on The Lion Guard, an animated television movie and series that continues the story introduced 20 years ago in the acclaimed Disney animated film The Lion King. Geared towards kids age 2-7 and their families, The Lion Guard television movie will premiere in Fall 2015, and the subsequent series will debut in early 2016 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel.

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Questions In A World Of Blu-Ray: Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery Explained
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Plenty of details surrounding the Twin Peaks Blu-ray release were finally revealed, yet —from the inquiries received via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook— I can tell they raised many new questions. Because I can’t possibly answer all of them individually, here’s an overview of the most frequently asked questions regarding Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, along with answers based on information provided by CBS, Paramount and other sources.

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‘West Wing’ Uncensored: Aaron Sorkin, Rob Lowe, More Look Back on Early Fears, Long Hours, Contract Battles and the Real Reason for Those Departures
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NBC executives stood before a sea of media buyers in Avery Fisher Hall 15 years ago this month and unveiled a series they hoped would defy television’s odds. The show, titled The West Wing, from Sports Night producers Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme, would explore the personal and professional lives of those in the White House who worked directly for the President of the United States. And if viewers embraced it, the drama would become the first White House drama in the medium’s history to succeed.

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‘The Cutting Edge’ new & rare stills
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I just added these amazing and rare stills from our favourite movie with moira – 1992 ‘The Cutting Edge’!

Movie Projects 1991 – 2012 > 1992 – The Cutting Edge > Stills


The Cutting Edge Original Uncut 35mm Negative Strip
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Here is a very rare, unseen, original 35mm black and white negative strip (four frames) from the 1992 winter film favorite “The Cutting Edge” featuring Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney. This negative strip is not dated or captioned, but there was a MGM designated cover sheet with this negative identifying it as a duplicate 35mm negative that was produced for the MGM production of this film.

Coming June 1st. “Anne Manx and the Blood Chase”
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Coming June 1st. “Anne Manx and the Blood Chase” Starring Claudia Christian, Patricia Tallman, Moira Kelly FREE streaming weekend returns Friday with “Anne Manx in Lives of the Cat”.

‘With Honors’ cast still
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I just added this cool pic

Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday, Moira Kelly! Moira is 46!

‘Miracle’ or ‘The Cutting Edge’: Which Is the Ultimate On-Ice Olympic Movie?
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If the Sochi games haven’t been dramatic enough for you, there’s plenty of Winter Olympics action to be relived in these two icy classics. While baseball and football get more than their fair share of cinematic glory, hockey and figure skating are underrepresented on the big screen. Maybe studios are wary of sending their actors out on the slippery stuff? But even though the films devoted to these sports are few, at least they are great. Every few years, the world’s attention turns to wintry sports and their stars. And rewatches of Miracle and The Cutting Edge are a clear necessity. But which is the ultimate on-ice Olympic movie?

The Cutting Edge
Let’s start with the 1992 skating flick. It’s got a forever quotable screenplay by Tony Gilroy, who would go on to write Michael Clayton and the Bourne series. (Admit it, you still say “toe pick” in a sing-song voice when you see a pair of skates.) Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney have solid chemistry as a prickly figure skater and the former hockey player who becomes her unlikely partner. It’s a rom-com with a shelf life, because it’s about two people who have other motivations besides falling in love. It happens, of course, but not before they master “The Pamchenko.”

The 2004 hockey film, on the other hand, pulls its triumphant story directly from Olympic history. This is the cinematic retelling of the 1980 Team USA, the “Miracle on Ice.” Kurt Russell plays Herb Brooks, who coached this team to a gold medal over the seemingly unbeatable Russians. The Cutting Edge is also a classic underdog story, but without the benefit of a clearly defined rival. And in 1980, you couldn’t do much better than “the Russians” as far as a rival was concerned. Where The Cutting Edge portrays athletic competition with a wink and a smile, Miracle does it with an “I’m not crying, man. You’re crying.”

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