‘With Honors’ cast still
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I just added this cool pic

Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday, Moira Kelly! Moira is 46!

‘Miracle’ or ‘The Cutting Edge’: Which Is the Ultimate On-Ice Olympic Movie?
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If the Sochi games haven’t been dramatic enough for you, there’s plenty of Winter Olympics action to be relived in these two icy classics. While baseball and football get more than their fair share of cinematic glory, hockey and figure skating are underrepresented on the big screen. Maybe studios are wary of sending their actors out on the slippery stuff? But even though the films devoted to these sports are few, at least they are great. Every few years, the world’s attention turns to wintry sports and their stars. And rewatches of Miracle and The Cutting Edge are a clear necessity. But which is the ultimate on-ice Olympic movie?

The Cutting Edge
Let’s start with the 1992 skating flick. It’s got a forever quotable screenplay by Tony Gilroy, who would go on to write Michael Clayton and the Bourne series. (Admit it, you still say “toe pick” in a sing-song voice when you see a pair of skates.) Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney have solid chemistry as a prickly figure skater and the former hockey player who becomes her unlikely partner. It’s a rom-com with a shelf life, because it’s about two people who have other motivations besides falling in love. It happens, of course, but not before they master “The Pamchenko.”

The 2004 hockey film, on the other hand, pulls its triumphant story directly from Olympic history. This is the cinematic retelling of the 1980 Team USA, the “Miracle on Ice.” Kurt Russell plays Herb Brooks, who coached this team to a gold medal over the seemingly unbeatable Russians. The Cutting Edge is also a classic underdog story, but without the benefit of a clearly defined rival. And in 1980, you couldn’t do much better than “the Russians” as far as a rival was concerned. Where The Cutting Edge portrays athletic competition with a wink and a smile, Miracle does it with an “I’m not crying, man. You’re crying.”

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The Best Winter Sports Movies for the Olympics! | The Buzz
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Olympic flick flashback: ‘Cutting Edge’ star D.B. Sweeney on toe picks, broken legs, and awful sequels
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In honor of the Sochi Games, PopWatch is taking a look back at a few of our favorite Winter Olympics-themed movies. First up: The Cutting Edge, the classic 1992 “hockey player meets figure skater” romantic comedy. We talked to star D.B. Sweeney — who played cocky ex-hockey star Doug Dorsey, opposite Moira Kelly’s snooty ice queen Kate Moseley — about the making of the film, the impossible physics of its climactic bounce-spin-throw (the “Pamchenko”), and its truly wretched sequels. Toe pick!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First of all: Do you resent people still asking you about The Cutting Edge?
D.B. SWEENEY: No, it’s great. You hope people watch the movies over and over again, and this has become one of those movies for people. So it’s a great compliment to Tony Gilroy’s script, and Moira Kelly’s great performance, and what we all tried to do.

Did you and Moira have chemistry right away?
Well, I don’t know about that. What happened [was], I didn’t know how to ice skate, and neither did she. They sent us to Sky Rink in New York City, which was on the 10th floor of a building on, like, 9th Avenue and 50th Street. MGM rented out a space there for us to go skate. For three months, we skated almost every day together, and I would stay and play hockey. It let us get to know each other in a different way than a normal rehearsal process, and it was very similar to what the characters go through in the movie. I think it was just a very natural and organic way to build a history for the characters.

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Sneak peak at the new cover for Anne Manx and the Blood Chase
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Here’s a sneak peak at the new cover for Anne Manx and the Blood Chase featuring Claudia Christian, Moira Kelly, and Patricia Tallman. Coming soon.

How ‘The West Wing’ Spent Their 2013
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It’s been seven years since The West Wing went off the air, but we still find ourselves missing President Bartlet, Toby, Josh, and the others more often that we’d like to admit. Aaron Sorkin’s Emmy-winning drama is one of the best TV series to ever air, and even all these years later, it’s hard not to wish we still had our dose of walk-and-talk magic every week (and no, The Newsroom doesn’t count). There have been plenty of amazing dramas that have aired since The West Wing, of course, but few have lived up to Sorkin’s wonderful creation.

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One Tree Hill’s Moira Kelly becomes subject to Internet hoax but why her?
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On December 18, 2013, actress Moira Kelly became the victim of a death hoax which circulated throughout the Internet. It was announced on a Facebook page that she had passed away and there was a R.I.P page actually made for her. The message was quickly rebutted and it was confirmed that Moira Kelly had not died and the news announcement was fake but it does raise a bigger issue and that is who would make up such an announcement about her and why?

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I found it on Tumblr
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Merry Christmas?
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I know it’s soon, but I’m kinda in a Christmas mood. so I thought I’ll post this picture of Moira in ‘Hi-Life’.